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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mystery swap update.

"Monday, Monday so good to me..."

I wanted to update you all on the Mystery Swap. First off thank you to all who filled out the questionnaire. I received some really good feed back. Most of you liked Spain the best, sorry Morocco. I have made some changes per all of your feedback.

So due to popular demand I am going to open the Summer Vacation Swap- Theme: Spain, to 56 participants. Each participant will be responsible for 1 yard of fabric that goes with the theme. Each yard will be cut into 56 - 5" charm squares. Each participant may sign up for up to two slots, possibly more depending on how fast we fill up. You must have a flickr account and can sign up here.

Fabric can be based on color or the inspiration board, a design that goes with the theme and so on. The only No, No's would be NO kids prints or batiks. Fabrics need to be vibrant and spicy! Pretty simple right. I will post mail dates once the swap is full.

Now for the best part fabric inspiration!!

Have a great Monday, Monday!

Linking up with Drowning in Fabric.

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  1. I can't get to the flickr link, I want in! Lol, can you send me the link, thanks!


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