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Monday, June 16, 2014



I wanted to share something special with you all today. One of my favorite blogs is No Hats in the House written by Sarah Sharp. She is hosting a monthly color inspiration for quilt blocks. Each month she posts a color pallet and folks can make blocks with either all or just some of the colors in the pallet. You can pick any block you want as long as it is in the color range for the month.

April's Color pallet:

May's color pallet:

The best part about these blocks is that they will be going to the foundation My Very Own Blanket. MVOB is a non-profit that provides blankets (quilts) to children in the foster care system in hopes that it will bring them comfort.

Isn't this wonderful! Well I thought so too! It's easy peasy, just head over to No Hats in the House and you can find the monthly color pallet postings in her side bar. You can send a few each month, or just one, or even send a few during the months you have time for extra sewing. If you would like to help out by making some blocks you can find more information here. There is also a flickr page where you can see all the blocks that have been made so far.

Here's the color pallet for June:

This is such a wonderful cause and I hope some of you out there are able to participate, I would love to see your blocks! If you are unable to make up some blocks head on over to Sarah's blog and give her a high five for hosting this wonderful project!
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  1. Dropping by from Anything Goes, love the idea of being given a colour range and going with it, your blocks look fab - Chris :D

  2. Oh Thanks for sharing! I will hope on over! Your blocks are wonderful!


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