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Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday Stash

It's raining here again, which is great for the plants and trees and well pretty much everything. However it barely lets up long enough to keep my yard from becoming a jungle! Seriously there could be wild animals out there.

While I'm warding off wild animals in my rain boots, I thought I would share a fabric bundle I created with you all.

Heather at Lark Cottons sponsored a mosaic contest using fabrics from her shop and the theme was Ethereal. The idea was to make a mosaic and then the top ten would be selected and then bloggers could vote for their favorite bundle. The first and second place winners would get there personal bundle for free and the bundles would be available for purchase in Heather's shop for others as well! What a deal right, so I had to try this out.

 Ethereal for me evokes images of light, airy and vintage. I love pretty much anything vintage. So I made up this mosaic.
It took me a while to come up with this as there were so many wonderful fabrics to choose from, but ultimately I gravitated towards these beauties.
1. Textures Crosshatch Silver 2. Architextures Crosshatch Lake 3.Botanics Branches Ash  4. Botanics Leaves Tangerine 5.  Botanics Graph Paper Garden Charcoal 6. Palos Verde Abalone Cove (Voile)  7. Painter's Canvas Blue 8. Catnap Jewels Blue 9. Farm Fresh Haybale Pink 10. Barcelona City Map Cream 11. Bella Solid Zen Grey 12.Comma Swinging Slate
As I followed along in the contest, my bundle was picked as one of the top ten contenders. What!! I could not believe it. I finished in third place in the blogger vote and I was so excited that I about fell out of my chair when the results were posted. Now I know third place is not the winner, but I was honored that my fellow blog friends voted for my bundle!
So I went over to the Lark Cottons site to check out the winners bundles which can be found under Precuts and Bundles or by searching the key word Ethereal. When I arrived at that shop site I was surprised to find this:
Yup that's my bundle. I just knew I had to purchase it. So I did and it's even prettier in person. I would really love to make a beautiful quilt with it but I'm not sure I have the nerve to cut into it! It may end up along side my hoarded stash of Ghastlies, which I have yet to cut into, and just be admired safely out of the view of the rotary cutter.
I'd love to know what fabric lovelies you are hoarding!
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  1. That is exciting and the bundle looks lovely, some really great prints.

  2. Yep, I'm another Ghastlies curator :) I did select two of the reunion prints to cut up into small pieces. I have the fabric all prepped but haven't cut it yet. I tell myself it's because it's just a "for fun" project not a "have to".
    I remember this bundle. While the mosaic is dedinately good looking the actual fabrics stacked together are just beautiful! Great mix of scale in the prints.

  3. Hey Belinda! I love your bundle too! I missed voting for this mosaic, but I totally would have thrown some love your way! Mwah!


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