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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This week has been busy, busy, busy! I'm ready for things to slow down just a bit, so the kids and I can enjoy the summer! This week I have been pattern testing for Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts.

Lorna recently inquired for some pattern testers on her blog for her Ombre Studio Sewing Studio mini quilt patterns. I offered to help her out. Lorna graciously sent me both patterns (I love to Sew and I love to Quilt) and said I could do one or both. I decided to do the I love the Quilt mini. I thought Kona solids would work great for the Ombre effect so I scoured the Internet for color inspiration. I ultimately chose this Kona roll up in Sunrise.

It reminds me of a Kansas sunrise. Love it!

The roll up worked out great as the pattern calls for strips. I had very little waste. I chose Kona white for the back ground.

Here are a couple of the pieces finished.

This has been a really fun pattern to put together.

I'm thinking of using the left over Kona roll up to make a scrappy back and binding. But as I kept putting pieces together I thought this might make a really nice pillow as well, so now I am torn, pillow or mini quilt?

Lorna is hosting a linky party over at Sew Fresh Quilts on June 27th. Be sure to check it out to see all the wonderful mini quilts! If you can't wait till then Lorna has a flickr page where you can see all of the progress so far.

I would love to hear about what you are working on this week! Have a great Wednesday!!

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  1. It looks great, excellent colour choice.

  2. This looks great and the colours you've chosen are really nice - I see you cat is so totally unimpressed though :o) Mine only like the finished, or near finished articles, they just don't get how important strips of fabric are.

  3. It looks great. Personally, I think I would turn it into a pillow.

    What am I up to this week? I'm working on a rag rug - no sewing involved.

  4. I loved both of her patterns and your color selections are beautiful

  5. Very pretty! I did this pattern as well. :)

  6. I think pillow! you could prop it up on a chair and it would look stunning in your sewing space!

  7. You definitely have to put it where everyone will see it!! I just love it and Kona

  8. Looks like a fun quilt to hang in one's studio... I'd definitely be interested in that pattern when it's released. And that Kona roll... oh my!

  9. It looks really pretty in those colours!! Very cute kitty :)


  10. Lovely and I love that picture with your cat :-)


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